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LCD REER 9' M2509B

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REER panel 9 inches M2509B.

White color with chrome wrap.

9 inch panel. With touch screen display.

Very high quality design product.

Full touch screen display. Navigation features are similar to those on tablets.

The panel is capable of connecting one or two CCTV cameras.

Controls the electric door lock.


- 9 inches color, enhanced resolution, full touch screen display, tablet-like functionality
- Menu in Polish
- Speaker
- White with chrome wrap
- 800 x 480 resolution
- The ability to record images from both the camera with the bell and industrial cameras
- Possibility of recording motion detection, time recording option
- Internal memory + micro SD card slot
- Interkom - the ability to talk to people on other lcd panels
- The ability to forward a conversation to another lcd panel
- Possibility to call all the other panels at once
- Multimedia functions such as digital frame, music playback
- Volume and ringing separately
- Adjust the ringer duration
- Do not disturb mode
- Choice of melody
- Automatically takes pictures to callers (can set the number of pictures 1,2,3)
- Ability to leave messages in the absence of owners
- Burning family messages
- 1 or 2 CCTV cameras can be connected
- Expandable camera with additional bell and additional lcd panels (max 3)
- Dimensions 25.7 x 17.7 cm thickness 2 cm
- Hanging on the wall, handle included

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