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REER ED-400PB is an intelligent device that, in addition to the function of a regular video viewfinder, has a built-in WiFi module and, after connecting to the wireless internet at home, communicates in real time with our phone. Communication is two-way. Global reach.

IP camera function.

The range of the device is global. Anywhere in the world we can answer the call and talk to the person standing at the door.

The camera has a built-in speaker and a microphone. Two-way communication.

We also have the option of taking a photo or recording a video call.

The video viewfinder is also equipped with a motion sensor. The motion sensor can be set in the menu as active or inactive.
If it is active, after motion detection, a photo will be taken and we will also receive information about this event by phone. The motion sensor has 2 levels of sensitivity.

We can turn on the camera preview at any time. Both by pressing the button on the display at home and on the phone.

Video viewfinder twilight sensor and infrared illuminator. Thanks to this, the image is visible even in complete darkness.

The latest video type viewfinder. The device is mounted in the hole in the door after a regular viewfinder.

Included in the set are threaded screws of different lengths, thanks to which we can adjust the viewfinder to all standard doors.
(adjustable to door thickness from 3.5cm to 12cm).

After pressing the bell button on the camera, the image is displayed both on the display at home and on the phone.

The device has a very high resolution of 720p.


720p resolution
120 degree wide angle camera view
Two-way communication
Large 4.3 '' color display
Powerful 5000mAh battery
Twilight sensor
Infrared illuminator for night vision range up to 3 meters
Motion sensor (can be turned on or off, 2 sensitivity modes)
Built-in WiFi module
Application designed for Android, IOS
Operating system. Lite OS operating system in real time
Supported TF (micro SD) memory card with a maximum capacity of 32GB

The device is installed instead of the ordinary viewfinder in the hole that remains after it, without modifications, without pulling cables.

We mount the viewfinder video camera outside the door, display from the inside of the door.

The device is powered by a battery. Included is a USB battery charging cable.

The device is useful in every apartment and house, especially for the elderly and children from a distance you can see who is ringing the door.

If we are not at home, we can talk on the phone. We can take photos and record a conversation.


At any time, we can turn on the image from the camera in real time on the phone and we can record the image and sound.


Camera preview can also be turned on at any time by pressing the button on the display of the device inside the house.

After pressing the doorbell button on the camera, the doorbell switches on and the image is displayed.

Solid metal camera.

The video viewfinder has a very large 4.3 '' color display with very high 720p resolution.

The video viewfinder has a micro SD card slot up to 32GB. Takes photos of people who call the door automatically.

Has the ability to manually take a photo or record a video from the phone.

The motion sensor after detecting motion at a distance of about 1m from our door records the image, and also sends a notification and photo to the phone.

The motion sensor can be set in the menu as active or inactive. The motion sensor has 2 levels of sensitivity.

The maximum power consumption of the device is 380mA during operation and 200mA in standby mode.

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